Despite the need to adapt the design for separate iOS and Android platforms, the design should show common features for both platforms. To give you a hint, we’ve singled out some MVP and advanced features along with their cost. Otherwise, you’ll just drain your resources and redesign the app to fit a new monetization strategy every few weeks.

At its core, we will describe the development time for features for a native iOS and Android application. This means that you will have two separate versions of the application that will not overlap in any way and are created exclusively to work on the same platform. Social media apps have changed the way we communicate with each other. People spend a lot of time online, scrolling the news feed on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Not to mention other social apps that are also very interesting for the specific circle of users and can even motivate somebody to develop something similar. Reechr is a social network that helps people to connect with each other both online and offline.

The number of users that log into the app at least once a month. The percentage of users that followed through with the activation. In other words, how many active users are there compared to installs? The activation may proceed by following a link from an email or by entering a code from a text message. Features include video uploading and editing, media sharing, comments, likes, hashtags, duets, reactions and live video streaming.

Apart from these features that cost you, there are other significant expenses you might want to take into consideration before moving to the development stage. LinkedIn connects professionals, helps build professional networks, and acts as a job portal for users. Yet, for those who intend to incorporate their adverts, this sort of revenue requires a certain toolset in your program. Prototyping is important since it may assist you in thinking through a simple and understandable manner for consumers to engage with your program. It would help if you let a bunch of people evaluate your app’s design and then make changes depending on the input they provide. Learning about industry trends, determining company objectives, gathering requirements, and creating wireframes and prototypes are all part of the exploration process.

Finding a skilled group of designers that can match your needs in terms of speed, competence, and cost while developing a social networking program may be quite difficult. For example, if you want to offer sponsored content, you need to think about options for how you will appeal to the market or the users. Once you know the options and your target audience or users, you can create a plan to appeal to them. Another option to generate revenue is to offer a premium service.

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Another popular monetization option is in-app purchases, like what Tiktok offers. For example, you can set up an in-app currency to allow donations. Freemium is a model that offers a free version of the app and provides more functions with a premium package that comes at a certain cost. However, since most social media apps that are available today are free, it might not be the best option. Finally, you can build a social media app on a subscription basis and charge a monthly or yearly fee.

Business analysis

It enables a profitability evaluation of the endeavor and conserves some resources needed to develop the final product. When developing social networking apps for iOS and Android, a user-friendly strategy is quite important. Pay attention to your customers rather than just the app’s look. Make certain that locating and using each function involves a few steps.

  • CAC helps to analyze all your efforts, understand how they perform and identify areas of improvement.
  • With Flipabit app builder, you’ll discover that creating an app is easy, fast, and free.
  • If that’s not what you are after you have to think about UX when designing the app.Hire an experienced UX designer.
  • He needs to not only estimate the cost and prepare documentation but also understand your business goals, the target audience and challenges.
  • Consumer review networks are a valuable source for businesses, as in the case of positive reviews, they can expand their audience and get new customers.
  • You can do it by sending out newsletters and creating event invitations, and having a newsletter sent out once a month.

Understanding what the clients expect from the application, it is advisable to prototype the process. A competently fabricated interface is an assurance that the user rapidly explores and knows how the social media app will take care of his problem. You get a chance to look into the functionality of the future app without the software part. The objective of these applications is to let users share their reviews about products, brands, services, and more.


Brian Peters, our digital strategist here at Buffer, puts together most of the epic content you see across our social channels. And almost every video Brian produces is filmed from his iPhone 6. Camera FV-5 is one of the standout cameras available on Android. The app is based on a similar approach to DSLR cameras, putting photographic settings like ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and metering at your fingertips. Camera+ gives you the opportunity to set exposure separately from focus so that you can easily control how light or dark your shots come out. It also features a range of shooting modes, scenes, and pre-set effects.

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The cost of a social media app may change depending on what you want to do. Besides app development, the costs include admin panel development as well as the services of business analysts, project managers, QA specialists, and UX/UI designers. Wonder how to create a social network app from scratch and swiftly receive high engagement? The data provided by Colormatics shows that short video content is engaging, especially when it comes to marketing purposes. Short videos are mostly under one minute long and can capture the essence of a product, educate about something specific, or tell a funny joke. Instead of going through various pages or reading texts, users prefer watching a short clip.

The ability for users to establish personal accounts on your program with details like their names, locations, photos, descriptions, etc. Since registration and profile creation will be the user’s initial interactions with the program, it is essential to keep the process straightforward. Servers are necessary to store the app’s data and allow users to access the social media app. The cost of server space can be expensive, especially for larger apps with a large user base. The most often used monetization strategy for a social mobile app is advertisements.

What Features Make an Outstanding Social Media Application?

Create your social media app as an MVP, a minimum viable product that should attract users and provide them with significant value, but focus on the core feature only. After the lecture of this article, you already know what people are looking for when using a social media app and what platforms they love most. Every social media app needs to have a global admin panel for the overall management of the system, blocking users and advertisers.

create a social media app

We wanted to see how users would respond to an app that allows impromptu video recording and sharing. Receiving feedback helps us to iron out teething issues and identify areas of opportunities. However, I tried to make a universal list with solutions that you can use while building a new social media app. User Profile – True to its social nature, the app should provide users space and tools to create personalized profiles and how they consume the content.

Creating social media network can simply be with your own social media app. To make money from your social media application, you need to think about different options, like creating a social network to make money. For example, you could charge for add-ons, subscriptions, or a premium app version for creating a social network. Let us look at some options to make money via your social media application.

User engagement

You can implement some other advanced features to your app to make it more unique or attractive for the target group. Social media app is designed to work on a large scale, so your development must take that for granted. That also means a lot of content to search for and a long time of query processing. Your social media app should allow users to upload media files and documents and store them in one place.

Platforms like Pinterest are also used for marketing activities to promote businesses, blogs, youtube channels, and other creative works. User activation – this metric tells that trial users turned into active users of an application. For example, when it comes to social media apps, user activation may start when a user creates the first post, uploads a video, likes something or create a social media app sends a message. For example, you can build a social media app for doctors or a content-sharing network targeting cooks. You can start with a highly niche app and later expand its functionality or create a universal app that will target several audiences. Allowing users to post, share images, like and comment is convincingly the most important part of the social network app.

5. Bookmarking and content curation networks

How to make a social media app that focuses on a specific topic or hobby? For example, GoodReads allows users to share their thoughts about books they have read and create recommendation lists. You can develop an application that caters to the interests of a particular group of people and choose a fitting marketing and monetization strategy. These networks allow users to exchange all kinds of media, such as videos, photos, GIFs, etc. Media sharing channels are platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Tiktok, that encourage user-generated content that creators can make, upload, edit, curate, and share.

Step 3: Define Target Audience to Build a Social Media App

To calculate the cost of social networking app development, you need to consider the required features since they affect the price significantly. These features should fulfill the expectations of your target audience and solve their problems. After you have determined the type of application and the features necessary for its creation, you need to choose the technologies on which it will all work. Selecting the right technology stack is critical, as it directly affects the stability and social media app development cost. The market for social networking apps is always expanding to accommodate new networks.

However, it can be challenging to get an accurate sense of how your social media app is being used without spending a lot of time and effort on users’ research. Social media apps with robust features are a great way to reach a wider community audience through various platforms. Social media apps with excellent features can gather information from the community and feedback on your business and build a strong community network. Social media application development costs vary based on app complexity, the number of features, and even the location of the vendor. On the lower side, a simple MVP app can cost you at least $30,000 but a more complex solution can be $60,000 and higher.

This app is a fitness platform that helps to track, find trainers and share your gym, body building adventures with like-minded people. It allows logging your personal training logs, share them with friends. Wanna Train is available on both Android and IOS with core features. You may check the Case study of Wanna Train on our Behance Showcase and find there links to download the app on Google Play or App Store. In addition to producing features, social networking app developers integrate frameworks and libraries and create an admin panel.

When this metric is low, it indicates that something is wrong with your app and it fails to engage users. In addition to business analysis, UX and UI design is also a part of the discovery stage. User management – admins can manage users, block them and moderate the posted content.