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Prices can be substantially regulated, ranging from production till the final delivery. Forward means one company acquires the distributions or sales channel for a move forward. It can be a bakery who collects wheat and other raw materials from farmers. So backward integration means one company acquires the supply chain process companies for better supplies. With the lag capacity strategy, the company will ramp up capacity only after the demand has occurred.

  • The aware determination to run a comparatively small vary of merchandise helped the corporate to maintain its provide chain manageable.
  • On the other hand, they vertically integrated into the distribution system.
  • While on the one hand, they start creating the series on their own so they don’t depend on tv or outsource.
  • Each of these parties are looking to make a profit, and so they mark up their prices.
  • Ikea said the deal would allow it to manage wood sustainably at affordable prices.
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Forward Integration refers to that integration where Company expands its activities to downstream areas. Company aims to get more control over sales, consumer-contact and eliminate any middlemen, wholesaler, retailer. The process leads to lack of supplier competition that will lead to low efficiency resulting in potentially higher costs.

One of the major advantages of vertical integration is that a company increases its efficiency. In a vertically-integrated business model, the company owns two or more parts of the supply chain. The further back a company moves in merging the supply chain to manufacturing is called backward integration. An example of backward integration would be if a Levi Strauss owned its own cotton farms in Uzbekistan (one of the world’s major suppliers of cotton). In forward integration, a company would move down the chain of distribution closer to the customer.

This strategy differs from backward integration in which a company tries to increase ownership over companies that were once its suppliers. Further, this strategic option may be exercised to gain access to key raw materials. This would garner competitive advantage and create entry barrier for competition in many cases. Industries are seeking backward integration as it is supposed to lead to higher productivity and cost savings. Backward integration will reduce freight costs, increase profit margins, and make the business more competitive.

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Today, apart from its own use, the company exports MPBD to international markets as well. Backward integration is a strategy that takes advantage of vertical integration to increase efficiency. Vertical integration is when a company expands across multiple supply chain segments to control a portion, or all, of its production process. Important to realize that, it is a type of vertical integration.

backward integration example in india

In forward integration, the company acquires or merges with a distributor. Going back to the Indica project, the Rs 1,700 crore it cost to put up a plant on a literally greenfield project is a price tag fourth of what western or eastern automakers would find cost effective. Tata MotorsI hate to be painted in a “for or against” posture, because my natural instinct is to talk about a balance. But within that balance, there are both advantages and disadvantages that accrue to backward integration. In this month’s strategy debate, industry leaders discuss the merits and demerits of… Zara is able to give the new designs to the customers faster than anybody in the market.

The more firms grow the more resources they can access, thus firm growth is considered as a path dependent process . The resource-based view considers a firms own set of resources and ability as the driver of growth and states that a firm predicts the growth strategies based on its resources and competencies . These strategies seek an increase in size and the expansion of current operations.

IT enables companies to track sales data, expenses and productivity levels. It helps capture every interaction a company has with a customer, so that a more enriching experience is possible. Sometimes, companies integrate because if they don’t and rivals do, the disadvantage can be disastrous. So both Hindustan Lever and Nirma backward integration example in india Chemicals applied to set up plants to manufacture linear alkyl benzene -the raw material for detergents. A good example of forward integration would be a farmer who directly sells his crops at a local grocery store rather than to a distribution center that controls the placement of foodstuffs to various supermarkets.

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If a company was vertically built-in with a retail store, manufacturing plant, and supply chain, they would have the ability to create “knock-offs” of the most well-liked brand-title products. Horizontally integrating simply means a strategy to extend your market share by together with a similar firm. Vertical integration, whereas advantageous to some massive businesses which have positioned themselves appropriately of their market and industry, is a step many businesses merely cannot afford to take.

The rush continues-clearly a case of one step backwards being two steps forwards. 24 years old Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher Charlie from Cold Lake, has several hobbies and interests including music-keyboard, forex, investment, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and butterfly watching. Is quite excited in particular about touring Durham Castle and Cathedral. Over the past two decades, this industry has witnessed a structural shift of manufacturing dominance from the West to the East . Today, Deepak Nitrite is a supplier to some of world’s biggest companies including Bayer, Unilever, Indian Oil, Reliance, L’oriel, etc. Deepak Nitrite is ranked among Fortune Next 500 companies and recognized among the top 25 wealth creators by Fortune Magazine, India.

backward integration example in india

Secondly, the company uses this technique for a better supply system. Undoubtedly, sales and distribution channels are the key factors of any business. So definitely a company wants to enhance its distribution channel to all over the world so they can reach more and more customers. Forward integration is the best strategy to take control of the overall distribution channel.

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Since affordable housing is the future of the real estate sector, this can help developers attract more customers. Currently, the Indian market is one of the major sources for pesticide formulations, typically consisting of an active ingredient, and several inactive materials called adjuvant, additives or inert materials. This is the end product and most of the companies start working at the stages that come at the fag end of the production cycle. In the past, an Indian firm built its own plant to produce MPBD, a raw material to pesticide to meet its production needs as the decreased supply of raw materials hampered production.

For example, if a fishery opened up a chain of seafood restaurants with their own delivery trucks, it would be integrated forward. For a retail business, it can undertake more quickly to the changing client wants by owning a production or manufacturing firm that may create its products. For manufacturers, they may promote through the online and take advantage of internet marketing methods to drive traffic to their websites and construct market credibility. Forward integration is a technique that firms use to expand by purchasing and controlling the direct distribution or supply of an organization’s merchandise. A clothing producer that opens its own retail areas to sell its product is an instance of ahead integration.

ClearTax can also help you in getting your business registered for Goods & Services Tax Law. Similarly, Disney acquires lots of retail stores so that they can sell its Disney character. On one hand, backwards use for better resources and on the other hand forwards control the overall distribution systems. Different companies use those techniques for global expansion. Similarly, we all know that Ford is an automotive company who once started making their own engine. Later on, they started their own manufacturing to all distribution and sales channels so they can control and take the power of everything.

 Vertical integration is a method that many firms use to realize control over their trade’s worth chain. “It is always advantageous to have vertically integrated operations as the supply chain is complete. We only need to buy cotton and it goes out as a value-added product.

backward integration example in india

If a furniture manufacturing company wants to expand its company then they can acquire a wood supply company so that the firm has enough sources of wood to make furniture. If I talk about backward integration, this is a strategy of the business. One of the biggest examples of horizontal integration is Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 for about $1 billion.

Growth strategies � expansion, integration and diversification

However, not all companies use those techniques because larger is not always nicer. Because both techniques have some advantages and disadvantages as I already indicated above. Forward means move forward, as the supply system has two parts one is backwards and another one is forward. Right now IKEA uses both of them to capture the overall market. We can help your business to achieve your marketing goals with our proven SEO techniques.

Backward integration and consolidation have become crucial to the growth of textile industry as uncertainty in raw material availability and cost has been increasing. “Backward integration gives you a certainty about raw materials. So Ceat is setting up a nylon tyre chord plant.” J.K. The synthetic yarn and fabric company is investing Rs 850 crore in an aromatics complex which will enable it to produce purified terephthalic acid , a crucial raw material for its products. Then the company will no longer be at a disadvantage vis-a-vis competitor Reliance Industries, which has its own PTA plant. “Also, by owning more than one part of the supply chain, we reduce the overall cost of the product without sacrificing quality,” Andreas continues. In other words, it is the acquisition of controlled subsidiaries aimed at the creation or production of certain inputs that could be utilized in the production.

It’s said that vertical integration helps companies trim the fat and keep more revenue within the business instead of paying outside sources. We spoke to Quantified Commerce, a vertically integrated company that builds digitally native beauty brands in India, about how vertical integration helps companies succeed and consumers save. Forward integration helps firms cut out the intermediary by removing distributors that may usually be paid to promote a company’s merchandise—reducing their general profitability. Vertical integration happens when an organization assumes control over several of the manufacturing steps concerned within the creation of its product or service in a specific market. Deepak Nitrite is all set to encash the growing demand as being one of the biggest player in the Chemical industry and has already invested in manufacturing new plants to cater to the growing demand. Deepak Nitrite continue to expand the business by both backward and forward integration where company would expand its scope of various value added products with forward integration.

IT has become a vital and integral part of every business integration strategy because of the multiple usages. In numerous companies, email is the principal means of communication. Inventory is managed by IT to track the quantity of each item, triggering an order of additional stock when the quantities fall below a pre-determined amount. Today, most companies store digital versions of documents on servers and storage devices.

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